17 Week MegaWealth System

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You don’t need to know how to do anything online other than completing
a Sign up form. You don’t have to do any research, create a website,
sales pages, or autoresponder letters.
With our MegaWealth SYSTEM
you don’t have to know anything about Internet Marketing.....

           All YOU have to do
           is ONE Simple Task

This Report will show You Step By Step how
to Make
$33,345 Monthly.......100% Factual

-This Report is Lengthy, But we wanted you to Know Everything there is
to know about Our System, so that You can Make the Right Decision to join us.
I urge you to read this Report all the way to the end - RIGHT NOW –
You will be so Glad you did...

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This System is Designed to Make You the Most Amount of Money
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...AND Least Cost of Doing Business.

by Reading ALL of this REPORT...you will see
how You can fully AUTOMATE This System...
with our
100%...Done For YOU Advertising Campaign
................Yes...WE will Advertise for You.....................

DO YOU know what the #1 SECRET
of Internet MILLIONAIRE Marketers is?

Why Do They All Have Multiple Income Streams?

Because receiving Multiple CHECKS from ONE SALE
makes YOU More Money...with FEWER Sales....

           Did YOU Get That?

Let’s say YOU want to Make $100,000.

It would take…100,000 Sales x $1 Each

With Our MegaWealth System...
You only need to Make 10 Sales
...And Our System will Do 99% of the Work for you...



YOU are about to Make ENOUGH Money to
Pay off your DEBTS…TRAVEL…Buy a NEW CAR
...Pay off Your MORTGAGE...or even Buy a New HOME

Now You can Truly have MORE FREEDOM
to do What YOU Want, When YOU Want.

...trying to GET RICH by ONLY having ONE (1) Income Stream
.........You are Simply Wasting YOUR Time and Money...........

Here’s the REAL TRUTH

If You're Not Making
Multiple Income Streams,
...You WILL NOT Make
ANY Real Income....

In Other Words...YOU Will FAIL

Here's Another Truth...

The Secret to Making Multiple Income Streams is having a SYSTEM.
...........A System that does ALL of the HARD work for you...........
With today's technology...we can AUTOMATE every aspect of our Business.
With our SYSTEM
...we can automate everything for you...

All YOU have to do is ONE Simple Task...and then the SYSTEM takes over
...Earning you Money...even while you are SLEEPING...

Regardless of How great a company’s products/services and compensation plan
are...without a System that is 99% AUTOMATED you are doomed to FAIL....

Now That YOU Know The TRUTH  
Let Me SHARE With YOU A Simple SOLUTION....That Will HELP YOU 
..........Start Making REAL Income

You Get the following:

A Solid System that produces Weekly, and Monthly cheques
A System that does 99% of the Work for you
NO Inventory
NO High fees to get started
NO Meetings to Attend
NO presentation to make
NO Phone Calls to Make
NO chasing Family and Friends
NO Spending Hours a day on the Internet
A powerful System
that produces Exponential Wealth
An AUTOMATED system that simplifies your Business
(Optional)100%...Done For YOU Advertising
And Finally - Real help and SUPPORT

This is a SYSTEM that anyone with a computer
can do. NO prior experience
is needed. People
from ALL walks of life are making thousands
of dollars each month using this Simple yet
Powerful System.

Don’t YOU deserve it?

Let’s be Truthful...
Who REALLY wants to Work long hours,

get little pay, week after week, year after year?

All you really want is to...Make Life Better
...for yourself and your family.

Thousands of people are Changing their lives using
the Internet every single day...
Now it’s your turn!

And all YOU need to do
...is ONE Simple Task

Then when Your System Makes
a Sale...
You Make the Money



We have Combined 3 of The Best Income Streams on the Internet
into ONE Simple System.
Making YOU Multiple Income Streams so that

You can Make the
MOST amount of Money in the SHORTEST possible time.

The 1st Income Component of our

.......17 Week MegaWealth System
is a Powerful
Autoresponder Business

Income Potential:
$88,587 each Month...
...that's $
1,063,044 per Year...without Working 40 hours per week

Every Successful business Online uses one. Anytime you enter your email address
while visiting a website, that info goes to an Autoresponder, which in turn sends
you some type of message immediately or at a later date.

We are affiliated with a 17 YEAR OLD COMPANY that develops and
manages AutoResponder technology for small and medium sized businesses in
over 60 different countries. Clients access our web-based AutoResponder system
24/7 to manage and send newsletters, sales letters, special offers, and other
important communication to their subscribers.

This product is what we use to Automate 99% of this System.
This Autoresponder is what sent you this Report that you are reading right now.
It works 24/7 for us and it will work for You also when you Register with our Team.

So we Sell WITHOUT Selling…the System does it for us.
We Follow up WITHOUT Following up…the System does it for us.

All YOU have to do is DIRECT people to it
and we can do this for you…Making Your
System 100% Automated


The 2nd Income Component of our.....
.........17 Week MegaWealth System....
will DOUBLE Your Income Potential...

Income Potential:
$111,110 each Month...
...that's $
1,333,320 per Year...without Working 40 hours per week

...making an EXTRA $111,110 per Month by Simply spending
$10 per month more...well that is what This Income Stream will
do for Your Business...

This is where Global Domains International (GDI), comes in.
In the 2002 issue of Inc. magazine, GDI was placed #37 on the
Inc. 500 "List" of the USA's 500 fastest growing Private Companies

GDI is an Internet company that provides Consumers and Business
Owners with a dot WS domain name, instead of dot com, dot org,
dot net, etc.  Industry experts forecast that more than 500 million
will be registered in the next ten years.
Currently, there are
more than 34 million total domains registered worldwide.

If you wanted www.YOURNAME.ws
there is a good chance it is available.

The 3rd Income Component of our.....
.........17 Week MegaWealth System....
will TRIPLE Your Income Potential.....

Income Potential:
$270,102+ each Month...
...that's $3,241,224+
per Year...without Working 40 hours per week

You receive this income by spending a onetime payment
of $40 and a monthly Subscription of $40

This is where ICOINPRO, comes in.

There are FORTUNES being made with CRYPTO-CURRENCIES
...NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...This Turn Key System will Show you
how to Profit from this Emerging World that is here to stay.....

Experts are telling us that the NEXT set of Millionaires
will come from the Bitcoin (and other Crypto-currency) Space

ONLY a very small percentage of people understand how they work
and what they do..so many are missing out on what is becoming a
very powerful tool...Creating Massive Wealth for the ones who
are taking advantage of the Rise of Crypto-Currencies

Cryptocurrency...like it or not...is the future...we have seen Bitcoin
Trade from less than a penny to almost $5000...Imagine if you had

bought Bitcoins for 1 penny...even 1 dollar...you would be a
Millionaire today...$1000 @$1 per Bitcoin...is worth $5 Million today
$1000 @1 penny per Bitcoin...is worth $500 Million today
(Based upon current Price of $5000 per Bitcoin)

Educating others about this Space...
...will produce Millionaires in the Next 1 - 2 years

This is POTENTIAL Income...Not Guaranteed Income
Our Goal is to Help you Make up to $33,345 per Month
...But the Income Potential is really UNLIMITED

And all YOU have to do is 1% of the Work

All of the Businesses within our System are stand alone
but it is the SYSTEM that puts it all together to Ensure
YOUR Success by Multiplying your Income without More Work.

All you need is THIS System...
...to Make as much money
as You like.
Whether that's $48,000 per Year...$100,000 per Year...
...$1Millon per Year...this System has it all

ALL 3 Income Components COMBINE...give you the possibility

of Making More than $5.6 Million Dollars Yearly

Imagine Making 2% ($112,000) of that Every Year
...Without Working 40 Hours per week

$112,000 a Year is MORE than DOUBLE
the Average...Most people make...working
40 hours per week at their J.O.B...and that is
ONLY if our System delivers
2% of the possibility

Very Important:
We DO NOT expect nor are we Suggesting that EVERYONE
will Make $5.6M yearly with our System...we are Simply Stating
the Potential...so YOU can see...that Our GOAL for YOU
is Very REALISTIC...
Making up to $33,345 Monthly...
which is ONLY
7% of the Potential $5.6 Million Dollars Yearly

Here are some numbers based on something that is very simple
...yet very Powerful. It’s called
The Power Of TEN (10)!

This concept is based on Our System Helping You
....................Make ONLY 10 Sales.................

Each member Starts with ALL 3 Income Components
...and each person that makes a Purchase in turn has
Their System working for them...to make 10 Sales....

Understand that this DOES take time...this is NOT Get...Rich...Quick
but it is Get...Rich...QUICKER than Your J.O.B...Some members have
made $440 in their First Week...while Others take a Month even Months
to Make their First $440...FACT IS...if
you stick to the plan, the results
...will absolutely AMAZE You.

Here's how the numbers play out...

All 3 income components will pay you separately
or Monthly...

...the following is ONLY an example of the Undeniable Earning Power of
This System but please keep in mind this is NOT a Guarantee of income and
there are NO Sales Quotas, and NO Time Limit. With that said...here we go...

How FAST Will YOU Make Money?
....Here are THREE (3) Scenarios....

Everyone's System Make 10 Sales in 30 Days
30 DAYS...Your Income= $440 Fast Start
MONTH 2...Your Income= $745 Monthly
MONTH 3...Your Income= $3,345 Monthly
MONTH 4...Your Income= $33,345 Monthly

Your Income Continues to Grow
...but Our GOAL for You is Achieved

$33,345 Monthly...which = $400,000 Yearly

Everyone's System Make 10 Sales in 6 Months
MONTH 6...Your Income= $440 Fast Start
MONTH 12...Your Income= $745 Monthly
MONTH 18...Your Income= $3,345 Monthly
MONTH 24...Your Income= $33,345 Monthly

YOU are Making $400,000 Yearly in 24 Months
Everyone's System Make 10 Sales in 12 Months
MONTH 12...Your Income= $440 Fast Start
YEAR 2...Your Income= $745 Monthly
YEAR 3...Your Income= $3,345 Monthly
YEAR 4...Your Income= $33,345 Monthly

Your Income Continues to Grow
but Our GOAL for You is Achieved.
$33,345 Monthly...which = $400,000 Yearly

......YOU would be Making More
than 99% of
Students Graduating
after 4 YEARS of University

............Think About it...........
How Many University Graduates do you know
...........that Make
$400,000 Yearly............

Ask Yourself These 2 Questions:
1)How Much Money Have YOU Made
in the Last 4 Years at Your J.O.B?

2)How Much Will YOU Make In The Next 4 Years?

This is BETTER Than Working...
40 Hours A Week...For 40 YEARS
...And End Up.......With NOTHING

If you look at the Income_Potential for ALL 3 Components Combined
You can see for yourself that it is in EXCESS of $5.6 Million Yearly...
we Only illustrate up to $400,000 Yearly to Give You what is Realistic.

$400,000 Yearly...just by YOU joining and letting The System do the Work
for You...All YOU needed was the Guidance and the Right Marketing System.

Life is Good!

Now for some Cold Hard Facts:


Most people in life
give up before they ever get to see these kind of results.
If you were to set out on a journey from New York City to Los Angeles, you would
cover close to 3,000 miles before you see Los Angeles looming in the distance.

Imagine going 2,500 miles and then quitting.
You didn't reach LA at all. You might even go back to New York and tell people,
"Los Angeles doesn't exist. That whole thing is just a scam to get you to buy
more gas." Of course, Los Angeles exists; there are millions of people living there.
You just didn't finish the journey.

.......To Reach The Destination........
You MUST Complete The JOURNEY!

Your results could vary from the above.

These numbers assumes a perfect mathematical world.
As we all know and experience, the world is not a perfect place
and things do change. What if you are Only 10% Successful…Making
$3,334 Monthly...instead of $33,345 per month
......Could You Live With That?

Our Team’s Exclusive Success SYSTEM
is the
KEY to Your Financial Future

              Will You take the

You’re about to create a real, profit producing, internet business.
This will be an easy business to operate but there are some instructions
you will need to follow to get it going.

But First...Here is Our Bonus:
When you join our System...You will have the Option of
(1)Driving Your Own TRAFFIC (doing your own advertising)
(2)have ADMIN DO IT for you...or (3)
you can do BOTH...

You can Pay for ADMIN ($40 per month) to do your advertising
each month for you, or Admin can provide you the BEST places
to advertise and you DO IT yourself...The CHOICE is Yours....

The concept of FREE advertising that actually WORKS simply
DOES NOT EXIST on the Internet.  So don't be fooled.  There is
always a price that has to be paid;  either a price in terms of time,
experience, talent and technical abilities, or a price in terms of money.

                        And for this reason...
               WE DO NOT use Free advertising
                         Think about it...
                 "If FREE advertising WORKED
             why would PAID advertising Exist?"

Follow these simple Step-By-Step Instructions
................To Get Started Right Now.................

Step One

This step should take you about 2 minutes
- make sure you have your credit card, Paypal, OR Payza ready.
Income Component #1 is $17.95 usd per month.

Your account must be in our Team otherwise you will need a New Account
CLICK HERE to set up Income Component #1

Make sure where it says Enrolling Sponsor…
Harold Hinrichs is the name that is there –
that is the person that will get the Reward for your purchase
– very important that you get this right – if the name there is not correct
DO NOT proceed – Stop and EMAIL ADMIN
so we can get this corrected.

Complete all the required fields for Customer Information

Check the box to agree with company policies.

Make sure you Select Enroll as Active member
and pay with your Credit card/ Paypal/ Payza

You need to Enroll as Active member. We do not support those who
enroll as free members and they will Not have access to this System.

Click on the Enroll Now button and follow the rest of the instructions on the site.
You are Enrolling as an Affiliate...
Once you have registered make note of your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Step Two

This step should take you about 4 minutes
- make sure you have your credit card or paypal ready.
Income Component #2 is Free for 7 Days...then GDI will charge
your credit card or paypal $10 usd per month.

Your account must be in our Team otherwise you will need a New Account
You need to register as an Affiliate...
Make sure you set up a dot WS Domain
that costs $10
dot com, dot net, etc. Cost More

CLICK HERE to set up Income Component #2

Step Three

This step should take you about 6 minutes
- make sure you have your Credit Card or Bitcoins ready.
Income Component #3...
is $40 one time payment, Plus $40 per month

Your account must be in our Team otherwise you will need a New Account
CLICK HERE to set up Income Component #3

Complete the Form and then immediately
Click..."LOCK IN YOUR POSITION" (in middle of Page)

Select your Membership Option...
You can pay Monthly, Every 6 months, or Yearly
Select your Payment Type (Credit Card or Bitcoins)
Make sure everything is completed...and Click SUBMIT

Step Four

Send us your UserName and PassWord
for Step 1 (Trafficwave)
and Step 2 (GDI)
...Send UserName for Step 3 (
And finally...
Let us know if you want ADMIN to do your
advertising for you...or will you do it yourself

Send all info to ADMIN here 
with the Subject “Username and Password”,
so we can set up your System for you...

Step Five

We will send you an email to let you know that your System is now set up
99% on Autopilot. That email will include a Special Link for you to get
Your Traffic Pack,
which is the CRUCIAL 1% that completes the System,
so that it is 100% AUTOMATED.
If you want to do the advertising
yourself we will provide that Info for you as well.

Step Six

If ADMIN is Doing the Advertising for you
once all set up...
We will send you an Email to let you know
that Your System is now 100% AUTOMATED...and we have
Started Your
100%...Done For YOU Advertising

When people request the Free Report…just like you did…they will receive this
same Report EXCEPT it will come from Your Autoresponder…customized with
Your Info…when they Make a purchase…you will get the Reward...(Money in
Your Pocket
)...They in turn will Repeat these SAME Simple Steps.

Now here is the Greatest part of all

Most people who read this page...JOIN our MegaWealth System.
Those who don't cannot see a Great Opportunity that’s staring them in the face.
They’re going to continue to search and search and search. Where else can
you have a AUTOMATED SYSTEM that will Make you $33,345 Monthly in
FOUR (4) Years or less...?

Those are the same people who are constantly complaining that nothing ever
goes their way. You probably know some of them. It isn't a problem for you
though, because you can see that this is a
No-Brainer and will register...
– believe me - it doesn’t get any better than this!

Once you JOIN and let The System work for You, it’s almost impossible to
WHY? Because you are building a Solid business effortless and don’t have
to spend all your time doing it because of our
100% Done For YOU Advertising

If someone had shown this to me while I was in
I would have been a Millionaire before
I graduated!


Whether you are 18 years old, 40 years old,
or 65 years old, this System will give you
the Success you Deserve.

Yes, it is that easy!
The SECRET is in the SYSTEM.

If you have any questions at all regarding this System
and Program, send all inquiries to the Admin Team here:

Yes...we answer ALL questions for
all of our members and their Prospects

Support is Available
Monday to Thursday 10am - 5pm EST
Friday 10am - 3pm EST

Here's to your Success,
Harold Hinrichs

Now that you know what you’re getting into,
Scroll back up
and Follow the Step by Step Instructions to Get Started.


You know what, Give yourself a big pat on the back for at least Reading
this far.
  Now, give yourself another big pat on the back and as you are doing it
you can say to yourself…"you know what,
Harold Hinrichs is absolutely right,
I deserve...Financial...Freedom… I deserve to make this kind of Income!

If I do nothing...
...come next month I would have spent
$108 on something I could
have done without…that’s less than $4 a day…and still be in my same
Financial situation…if not worst…is this really what I want out of life?
I can afford $108 to Get Started and then only $68 each month
Starting in my 2nd Month…and I will let this be my Big Break!…”

As soon as a New Sale is made by Your SYSTEM, you will receive a
Fast Track Bonus of $44 USD...
, You may not see it yet...but

this is Powerful.
You will get a Fast Track bonus for every NEW Sale

Your System makes for you. You can have as many Personal Sales

in your Business as you like.

IF...and this is a BIG IF...if your System ONLY produces 10 sales in 12 months
...Your System will Make you at least $33,345 per Month...after only 4 Years
MOST people WILL NEVER make that kind of Income at their J.O.B
...throughout their Entire Life.

Over time…there goes the Mortgage payments, Car payments,
Credit Card payments, Student Loan payments.....

Scroll back up and Follow the Step
by Step Instructions to Get Started.